Walking and Talking

Several months ago I had mentioned to my friend, Diane, that I really needed to get back to my power walking routine. I used to walk about 20 miles a week and circuit train several days a week. Well, that workout had been totally and utterly forgotten fallen by the wayside over the past couple of years while my family has been making the BIG move to Ohio…..and my “fluffliness” has overtaken me my poor bod has suffered for it.

So, Diane says to me,  “I’ll walk with you, but we’ll have to do it in the morning before my husband leaves for work.”  So, at 5:30 am every week day (and sometimes Saturdays) we are pounding the pavement…in the dark. Luckily, both of us are good at prying our eyes open without too much trouble morning people. It’s great because not only do we get our 4.5 miles in a day, but we get to solve all the world’s problems before breakfast. Questions of the world? Any subject, any at all–and we’ve probably discussed them. and we’ll tell you what we think

I think I’m finally seeing some improvement in my “fluffiness”….and by improvement I mean less fluff, or at least it has shifted around or firmed up or well, something.  Which is a good thing. Woot! Woot! Believe me, I’ve got a long way to go—but at least I’m doing something.  I guess it helps that I’m now drinking enough water these days to float a boat properly hydrate myself and flush out my system. (okay–the pun WAS intended)

I still have a beef with the unfair fact that men can lose weight so much easier then women. Okay, so maybe I harbor some resentment over this fact….and I don’t feel the slightest bit guilty about it either! Yeah, and while I’m on the subject and I’m thinking about it….we also have hormone issues, “that time of the month” and we have to shave our legs. Well, okay women don’t have to shave their legs, but if they don’t then they are hairy rebels.  You get the picture.  I wonder if we didn’t end up with the short end of the stick here? Nah….I guess not. ‘Cause all us women know that, after all, we ARE capable of solving all the worlds problems before breakfast.

One thought on “Walking and Talking

  1. You are doing such a great job!!

    First, 5:30 is psycho. I’m lucky to see 7:30 most days. 🙂

    Second, four and a half miles!! So impressive. I’m lucky to see 2.5 these days…so sad. 😦

    Third, men. Ugh. So unfair. Plus, when they lose weight they don’t end up with saggy boobs and flappy arms. They’re just thinner! Stinking men. 😛

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