I’ve Only Been Driving For 25 Years

My husband and I found out the other day that in order to get our Ohio drivers license we need to take a test. Not a driving test….but you know, answer the questions kind of a test. Oh, and not only that, but we found out that the tests are only given on certain days AND just so happens NOT on the day we were there. Wouldn’t you know it?

I was reading through the Ohio rules and regulations booklet that the cheery young woman handed to us.  I felt compelled to read it since there will be a test. I figure since I’ve been driving for DECADES I should know this stuff. Yet, I still get nervous thinking about a test. I asked some friends here in Ohio and they assured me it was very easy. Okay, girls. You better be telling me the truth.

After getting half way through the booklet this afternoon (it was raining and I had nothing better to do…obviously) I skipped to the back of the booklet for the sample test. I am proud to say that I got 10 out of 10 questions correct. If I had missed any of the questions I wouldn’t tell you anyway because it would have been humiliating.  I really DID get them all correct. No, I’m not lying!

Rest assured I will not be mowing down any school children getting off a school bus with flashing red lights, nor will I pull out into oncoming traffic when making a right hand turn on red. I am also quite sure I can handle the “who goes first?” question at a 4-way stop. I was reminded that the speed limit through residental areas is 25 miles an hour, unless otherwise posted. So there you go—I can now drive in a neighborhood near you!

I have also learned that there are vehicle inspections here in the Buckeye State before one can get their vehicle tags. This is new to me. In Tennessee one can drive just about anything as long as it has 4 wheels and a motor. I’m serious. I’ve seen cars with no doors, no hood, not much of anything. The whole car was held together with some Bondo and Mighty Mend It (Billy Mays R.I.P). I myself have no car to inspect considering I totaled my poor Camry a few weeks back, but my husbands van will need a new windshield due to an unforseen piece of lumber from Lowe’s making a sudden move to the front of the van.  Stupid wood.

I guess that is it for now. I’ve got to go. Maybe I’ll jump in the van and drive into town. Just for kicks.