Like A Train Wreck

I didn’t hear the South Carolina governor yesterday as he gave his “tell all” confession. I heard about it later on the news. I just think it is sad. He had the affair. Whether he is truly sorry or not, only he knows for sure….but do we really need to know all the details? Let’s not rehash it forever.
The media has been all over Jon and Kate and their filing for divorce. It’s his fault. It’s her fault. Oh, the poor children!
I don’t get it. Why would the media be like piranhas when it comes to people’s pain? What reason is there for anyone to have to know all the details? There isn’t a valid reason.
Yes, these people are in the public eye….but in my opinion that does not mean that “we” need to know every gory detail. Regardless of a person’s fame, he/she is still a person with feelings.
What is even more concerning then these people’s indescretions is that the public eats it up like it is the latest script from an afternoon soap opera.
This is someone’s life. Let’s not treat it like an episode of reality TV. In my opinion, don’t look…..don’t stare….turn away. Even if it looks like a train wreck.

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