Back From Hiatus…

To all my blog reading peeps…I owe you an apology. I left you hanging…probably wondering where I was at? Had I keeled over? Boycotted blogging? Became an international spy? Working undercover for the FBI? Traveled to the four corners of the world? (does the world even have corners?) So sorry, not nearly that exciting. The past two weeks have just been insanely crazy (and yes that is a double helping of crazy–which for me, unfortunately, is not so unusual).
I have missed the blogging, but have been so busy and then so tired from all my busyness that I surely would have fallen asleep in mid blog…..then I would have had to deal with drool on my keyboard and the keyboard design imprinted on my face. It would not have been pretty. So, I thought it best to just take a short hiatus from all of blogdom for awhile.
I’m back. Still tired….and could still possibly drool on the keyboard, but I’m willing to make that sacrifice. 🙂
As many of you already know my husband and I (and our 3 kids who are pretty much along for the ride) are in the process of building a house in rural Ohio. We are nearing the end of our year long insanity adventure. We’ve been back and forth from Tennessee to Ohio. Packing stuff in the trailer…hauling it up to Ohio. Working at the house in Ohio. Just tired exhausted. So ready to be done with this house and not living like vagabonds settled. It started out as exciting to build our own house, then it was tiring, now it is just “slap it up there–I just want to be done with it!” (not really…well, okay maybe really)
Then to top it all off I wrecked my car last Wednesday. Yeah, that’s right. Wrecked it. Wrecked it good. Just call me Daytona Dawn.
Okay, I’m just gonna lay it out short and sweet. Here goes.
On I-75 headed north to Ohio.
BAD Noah’s ark flooding rain rainstorm.
Slid across interstate lanes sideways. This is never a good thing.
Tires then decided to grab pavement, spun us backwards and sling shotted us back across the interstate. Kind of like a bad amusement park ride.
Down an embankment….slammed into trees and rock. Resting in a swamp ditch, filling with rain water.
Three tires blown out, messed up undercarriage, bent axel, bent door frame.
Car totaled. Like unable to drive–like flat bed tow truck material.
I’m sad bawled like a baby…….but am so glad that the kids and I are still alive.
Life goes on.
Toyota Camry R.I.P

So, that is just a short synopsis of my life over the past couple of weeks.
I’m back now. Let the blogging resume!!!