100 Things About Me

I have had a rough couple of days….nothing extremely serious….just very overwhelmed with the amounts of stuff I still need to get done around here in order to sell the house and move. It really is putting me over the edge, so to speak. So instead of any political drama today, or news headlines I’ve decided to take a more humorous approach for today’s blog.
Something to make me smile….and I hope it makes you smile also.
100 Things That You Might Already Know About Me……Or Never Cared To Know But I’m Telling You Anyway.
1. I’m 40 years old.
2. My birthday is exactly one month from today.
3. I feel old.
4. But not ancient:)
5. I hate wearing pantyhose.
6. When I was 10 I accidentally tucked my church skirt into my pantyhose after using the rest room and walked into the church that way.
7. That hasn’t happened since….that I am aware of.
8. I hate spiders.
9. I scream bloody murder if I see a big one….if they are small ones I scream too, but I smash them with a shoe.
10. I secretly think the brown spiders that live in my basement KNOW that I’m scared of them…and they laugh.
11. My favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate peanut butter.
12. I would eat it every day if I could….but I don’t want to weigh 900 lbs.
13. I was widowed at 32.
14. I was remarried at 37.
15. In between that time, I dated some interesting men. There are some strange men in this world…I’m just saying…
16.My favorite season is Autumn.
17.My favorite month is October.
18. I prefer cool weather over hot.
19. I don’t like to sweat. I avoid sweating if I can.
20. I love to power walk.
21. I enjoy working out.
22. I don’t work out much anymore because life is so crazy right now.
23. Because of this I have gotten “fluffy”.
24. I don’t want to be fluffy.
25. My goal for the coming year is to “fight the fluff”.
26. I have really white, straight teeth.
27. I never wore braces.
28. People comment on my pretty teeth and smile.
29. I like to brush the old fashioned way…I don’t like electric toothbrushes.
30. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in May of 1995.
31. I love him.
32. He is now a teenager.
33. I still love him….on most days:)
34. I gained another son and a daughter when I remarried.
35. I love them too.
36. They are stuck with me:)
37. When I got remarried I became a grandmother.
38. I’m still working through the therapy of being called grandma… when I’m still wondering when I’m going to grow up.
39.I love dogs.
40.I miss my dog, Buster. R.I.P
41.I tolerate cats.
42.They tolerate me too.
43.I had a mouse in my garage once.
44.I freaked out.
45.I caught it on a glue trap.
46.I couldn’t kill it.
47.Calligraphy is a hobby of mine.
48. I’m pretty good at it.
49.The writing relaxes me.
50. I like to write.
51. I hope to write a book before I die.
52. Some family members think I’m crazy for blogging.
53. Who said I wasn’t crazy?
54. Blogging is a lot cheaper then therapy.
55. I like to listen to talk radio.
56. Listening to conservative talk radio is also therapeutic.
57. I’m in the kitchen a lot.
58. Not because I want to be.
59. Only because I’d feel guilty if my family starved to death on account of me.
60. I am a Christian.
61. I accepted the Lord as my personal savior in May of 1979. Right before my 11th birthday.
62. Jesus saved me…I sure didn’t deserve it.
63. Grace is a beautiful word.
64. My favorite words are epiphany and serendipity. They are just cool.
65. I am a known bibliophile….and no you can’t be arrested for that:)
66.I love small town America.
67. I love reading books about small town America.
68. I love all the members of my family….even the crazy ones. Bless their hearts, they know who they are. (Are you wondering right now if I am talking about YOU?)
69. I have a thing for Toyota cars, trucks and minivans.
70. I’d drive a Toyota forever if I could….or at least until I’m so old they pry my license out of my hand.
71. Don’t give me grief about foreign made cars. We all know most of the parts are made here anyway.
72. I’ve always been a camera ham. Ask any of my extended family.
73. I love my mom.
74. I think she is really smart, and has a quick wit. I think I got that from her. (and my teeth from dad)
75. I love my sister.
76. Even though I threatened her when we were growing up…..and just in case she tries to say that I told her she was adopted, or that I scared her, or I made her think she was going to die when she swallowed a penny….don’t believe her. She is a liar:)
77. I love my husband.
78. He is a good man, except when he’s being bad.
79. He puts up with me for which I am thankful.
80.I love hot chocolate.
81. I love coffee with lots of sugar and cream….or better yet iced coffee.
82. I love nachos.
83. I love 24.
84. I think Jack Bauer is the bomb.
85. I think Jack Bauer could save the world.
86. I think Jack Bauer should run for the presidency.
87. Maybe he will next season.
88. I prefer showers over baths….but that could change with our new whirlpool tub.
89. I love the country.
90. I am a star gazer.
91. I want a new telescope.
92. Lots of times people pronounce my name “Don” like a mans name. When I taught in Anderson County the vice principal’s name was Don. Staff called us “He-Don” and “She-Don”. Only in the South.
93. I’ve lived in Maryland, Tennessee, and soon to be Ohio.
94. I don’t like to polish my finger nails.
95. I do like to polish my toe nails.
96. I was blond, then light brown and now I’m blond. I’ll be blond when they put me in the casket. Just so you know.
97. I have a collection of winter scarves, and thick, colored socks. It’s out of control.
98. I think I have a pretty good life….on most days, when I’m not PMS’ing.
99. I need my GPS to survive. I am directionally challenged.
100. I am too blessed to remain stressed. Amen.


Tax Day Tea Party

The tea party I attended with my children had well over 2,000 people in attendance. It was a sight to behold and the signs….well, let’s just say they were very interesting!
“Obama has what it takes, to take everything you’ve got!”
“Say NO to generational theft”
“Don’t raid my piggy bank for your pork!”
“A government big enough to give you everything you need, is big enough to take all you have.” –Thomas Jefferson
“What would Reagan do?”
“We want Fair Tax”
“Give me liberty! Not a bailout!”

I’m glad we went to the tea party. “We The People” have a lot to say….it felt good to voice what we think about the government’s out of control spending. To let Washington D.C. know that there are MANY people though out this great country who are tired of our money being spent in ridiculous ways. (swine odor research, the sexes of fruit flies etc…..are those truly important? That would be a resounding NO.) Those of us “every day” Americans have to live within our means. If we get in debt we have to work our way back out of it. We don’t spend more and more money in order to get out of debt. That is where Washington is WRONG. What are they thinking? What do they think is going to happen over the long haul? Generations will be paying off the debt as it is right now…..if things keep going the way they have been, our kids and grand kids will suffer under a mountain of debt.
What happened to individual responsibility? We don’t need to be enslaved to our government! They represent US!!! It’s time they started remembering that we vote for them….and we can vote them out too.
Reagan so eloquently put it, “Government IS the problem!”

The turnout for these tea parties has been tremendous….but we cannot stop here. We have to keep going. Don’t let the members of Congress think “this will just blow over.”
Visit fairtax.org to see what you can do….one person CAN make a difference….and another one person…and another one person………

Big and Scary Conservatives…OH MY!

Yes, I can’t stand it any longer I have to blog about it. I cannot believe….really can’t believe that the Dept. of Homeland Security has just put out a file stating that conservatives are basically becoming radicalized and have the potential of becoming terrorists? What?? Are the people that wrote this brain dead?
Is this all because thousands and thousands of citizens will be attending tax day tea parties tomorrow all across this great land? Is the government scared because “we the people” have an opinion and have the right to voice it? (at least for now we do!)
No, many of us do not agree with the turn that our government has taken. We don’t agree with the government having it’s hand in EVERYTHING. There is an entire litany of things that I could list that have happened to make concerned citizens take a second look at the behavior of our government and public officials. We have a right to disagree. This doesn’t make us crazy! It makes us AMERICAN. We have the right to an opinion, even if it is different then what the current government is doing.
I for one am going to be at my local tax day tea party tomorrow. It is a statement. It needs to be said.

Check out Michelle Malkin’s site for the information about the Department of Homeland Security’s report. If you are interested you can also click on her site to find out where the nearest tea party is to your home.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a
more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility,
provide for the common defense, promote the general
Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and
our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the
United States of America.

Christ Is Risen! He is risen indeed!

Newsweek can ask us if Christianity is dying in America. Government can mock evangelical Christians. Some others can say God is dead. Christians around the world are persecuted for their beliefs as Jesus as their Savior.
ALL THESE THINGS CHANGE NOTHING. The truth is still the truth regardless of society’s shifting opinion.
Today we celebrate that Christ is risen. He is risen indeed! Death could not stop Him. The grave could not hold Him. He lives!
Words from one of my favorite hymns:
“I serve a risen savior. He’s in the world today. I know that He is living, whatever men may say…..”
Thank you, Lord.

Walk The Plank, Mate!

What is the deal with these Somali pirates? First of all they were idiots for attacking a ship flying an American flag. Then they lost control of the ship they tried to take. Then they are on a life boat that ran out of fuel. Now they are surrounded by other American ships…and yet they are demanding 2 million dollars for the release of the captain? Give me a break.
I say that we need to send in the Navy Seals. Have them go in there and get the captain and “take care of business” with those scum bag pirates (aka terrorists). I can’t believe it has taken this long to get the captain back!
The U.S. cannot allow the pirates to win this stand off. No money… Or else we’ll have pirates taking people left and right. The pirates aren’t going anywhere and they certainly better not hurt the captain or they will find themselves DEAD. If they kill him….they are forfeiting their own lives. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Back in the day when pirates were captured, they were hung. Swift action. Hey, being a pirate is a hard life….death might be a consequence. So be it.
I mean what would that say about our Navy if they are being held back by a handful of men in what amounts to a glorified row boat? The government needs to get on the ball.


Here are some of my favorites that I think you might enjoy also.
Facebook.com —- a great site to keep up with all your family and friends. Great place to meet friends you haven’t seen since high school.
Twitter.com—-a “real time” feed of twitter all day. Let the world know what you are thinking in 140 characters or less.
Pandora.com—looking for just the right song? Make your own “album” for free. Mix and match and listen to your songs online. Very cool.
BlogTalkRadio.com—-Anything you want to hear is on Blog Talk no matter what your taste. YOU can even become a radio show host if you’d like. Share your opinion with others or just listen. Whatever. I can listen to home school news, conservative talk, home decorating, or how to fix my car or remodel my kitchen. I love the choices!
Smartgirlpolitics.com—For those of you that are female and are politically active…this is the site for you! Awesome women, awesome ideas!
Hulu.com and Joost.com—-two AWESOME sites if you want to watch movies or episodes of your favorite TV shows for free. Ya gotta love that!
Well….that’s it for now. Just thought I’d share some of my favorites.
I love the internet!

Extending The School Year….

The new secretary of education is considering having students go to school at least 6 days out of the week and at least 11 months out of the year. As a former public school teacher I can tell you that is NOT the answer. Until the education system in this country ENCOURAGES children’s natural love of learning…is creative, and exciting….it just won’t work. Putting children in classrooms for longer hours isn’t going to make them better students. That is just ridiculous! All that will do is encourage resentment and apathy on already overworked teachers and students who will be wondering how “school” has any real life application? The truth is “school” isn’t real life…..Learning IS.
I believe all children have a natural desire to learn. They are curious about things. They want to know why things are the way they are. Our school systems in this country have stifled that natural love of learning by cramming information into the school day that is only necessary to earn an “A” on a test. Unfortunately, teachers are under extreme pressure to “teach to the test”. If your students aren’t passing the tests then you, as the teacher, are a failure. (Of course, as a teacher you are expected to teach to ALL the students. Not just the “cream of the crop” as in many foreign countries. Sorry, it has always bugged me when we are compared to other countries– many other countries around the world don’t educate ALL their children. They only educate the rich, the intelligent, the motivated. To me that skews the statistics.)
In my opinion, I think the entire educational system in this country needs a serious overhaul. Nothing will change and nothing will get any better until the very foundation of education is changed. Teach to interests, weave math and language into real life daily activities, go on field trips to real places, have speakers come in to talk to students, read classical literature, discuss and get opinions. Make children THINK, not just memorize. Give students the chance to solve real life problems…not just fill in the bubbles on a test sheet. Do we as citizens of the USA want students who are creative, passionate, innovative, problem solvers when they graduate from high school? Or do we want students who are short term memorizers so they pass a test, who daydream of what they will do when this boring class is over with, and who wonder what the importance is of the material they had to read in a textbook? I guess the decision is ours…..what will that decision be?