Oink If You Think The Swine Flu Is A Media Frenzy

Alright already…I’m over hearing about the Swine Flu. It’s a form of a flu. The flu has been around for quite some time. Certain groups of people have routinely died from “regular” flu complications. (the very young and the very old, or those with compromised immune systems) Most people, other then in Mexico, that have gotten the Swine Flu have got sick, but not died. Yes, I know about the toddler in Texas that died (a child BTW, that was brought to the US by Mexican parents)….and that is truly sad….but he/she is in that group that is more susceptible. (We also weren’t told if this child was a normally healthy child or already had other health issues.)
Yes, it has spread, but isn’t that to be expected? People travel internationally. It’s no big surprise that things get spread around.
I don’t know why Mexico was hit so hard. Why people are dying there—from the flu? Is it that health care is poor? People waited too long for treatment? I don’t know. I don’t think anyone really knows.
It really bugs me when the media go crazy with playing and replaying the Swine Flu stories. It is like they WANT for everyone to be scared about what MIGHT happen. The word pandemic starts being thrown around and people think Swine Flu is lurking behind every corner. It’s not….but they want us to think it is. Why is that? Actually, more people die from heart disease and cancer.
Of course, I hope that the Swine Flu gets squashed. No one wants to be sick, but Media, can we let the Swine Flu stories rest in peace?

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