Staining Window Casings…And Other Forms Of Torture.

While my husband continued to work on the insulation I worked on staining our window casings and the grills for each of the windows. Sounds easy enough, right? Hmmpppfff! Let’s just say that I’ve ended up with Washington Cherry stain on my feet ( I decided to stain barefoot–my thought was that I can wash skin, but didn’t want to stain my shoes and have to wash them), on my shirt (smart me–wore an old flannel shirt to work in), on the floor…opps, didn’t mean to do that, and I think I might have a spot or two in my hair. BUT all in all the windows are looking good and that is all that matters.
Now, I am normally a very neat person…but when staining above ones head, well let’s just say that drips happen. My motto is: ANY MISTAKES JUST ADD CHARACTER TO THE HOUSE. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!
The thing is this…I told my husband I remember when I used to be able to sit on the floor to work on projects and hop right up afterwards. Notice I said, “used to”. Those days are now history. Now getting up off the floor is more like a one woman circus act. I have to swing to get some momentum going. Then I sort of roll and get on my knees. (the loud pop from my knees and the even louder crack from my back can no longer be ignored) From my knees I make it to a half standing position and slowly have to stretch the back out before finishing my routine in a full standing posture. Good grief. I turned 40 and not only has everything slid south…but now it’s harder to pick it all up and rearrange it back into some semblance of order in a timely fashion.
On that note….I’m going to go take a nice, long, hot shower. My poor body needs it!