Fiberglass Insulation And Other Exciting Home Construction Stuff

I’m blogging today from the library. Not the public library…my own library. Oh, okay! So it’s not really a library YET, but it will be soon. Right now it’s just the “skeleton” of the room. I can see my husband clear across the house because, of yet we have no walls. The walls will be next week. I’m taking what I can get for right now. I’m currently sitting on a large bunch of (Pink Panther) fiberglass insulation. Don’t worry it’s all still in it’s plastic wrap. I don’t want to get insulation on me…and spend the rest of the night itching. So anyway, it makes a decent place to sit for right now. My hard working hubby is actually putting the insulation up on the walls. He’s putting it up and I’m sitting on it:) Hey, he told me I could take some time to blog. So, I don’t really feel guilty. I haven’t blogged in a few days (since I’ve been back up here in Ohio) and my peeps are wondering where I’m at.
Scott doesn’t usually like me gushing over him, but I’m sitting over here….and he’s over there….so he can’t stop me:) Plus he doesn’t know what I’m writing right now. I just occasionally look up and smile at him then bend back over my computer and type furiously. Deep down he probably thinks I’m weird, but he loves me anyway. I shouldn’t say weird. Weird tends to have negative connotations…I think I prefer the word eclectic. Now, doesn’t that sound better? Might mean the same thing…but alas, it sounds so much better…and I’m all about words you know! Now, back to my husband. He really has done such a nice job on our house….and I know he gets tired…but he perseveres. We will have a nice house when this is all done…and we know it will get done one day. Hopefully, one day not so very far in the future. Hopefully, while we are both still young enough and still have our wits about us to actually enjoy it! I’m very proud of all his effort. (and yes, I help too but he has the majority of the burden on him when it comes to this house. My problems are the house in Tennessee. Don’t get me started with that.)
While I’m on my gushing about my husband kick. My guy is a problem solver. He really is. He thinks inside the box, outside the box, on top of the box and under the box. (that sort of sounds Dr. Suess-ish doesn’t it?) Home construction isn’t his area of expertise (though I think he has done very well for being a novice in this field) and yet…when he comes across a “problem”, many times he figures out his own solution. Can he fix something? Can he make a tool that will work for what he needs done? Can he be more efficient? He’s pretty creative and I’m always amazed at how he comes up with stuff.
In the past when we’ve played board games or card games together I’ve accused him of having a very analytical brain…and just so you know he does. (I cannot win at Dutch Blitz no matter how hard I try!) He likes to solve things. Quite frankly, I’m glad about that. It will serve me well in the future…um, I mean serve US well in the future. Such a big “honey-do” list, so little time………