Tax Day Tea Party

The tea party I attended with my children had well over 2,000 people in attendance. It was a sight to behold and the signs….well, let’s just say they were very interesting!
“Obama has what it takes, to take everything you’ve got!”
“Say NO to generational theft”
“Don’t raid my piggy bank for your pork!”
“A government big enough to give you everything you need, is big enough to take all you have.” –Thomas Jefferson
“What would Reagan do?”
“We want Fair Tax”
“Give me liberty! Not a bailout!”

I’m glad we went to the tea party. “We The People” have a lot to say….it felt good to voice what we think about the government’s out of control spending. To let Washington D.C. know that there are MANY people though out this great country who are tired of our money being spent in ridiculous ways. (swine odor research, the sexes of fruit flies etc…..are those truly important? That would be a resounding NO.) Those of us “every day” Americans have to live within our means. If we get in debt we have to work our way back out of it. We don’t spend more and more money in order to get out of debt. That is where Washington is WRONG. What are they thinking? What do they think is going to happen over the long haul? Generations will be paying off the debt as it is right now…..if things keep going the way they have been, our kids and grand kids will suffer under a mountain of debt.
What happened to individual responsibility? We don’t need to be enslaved to our government! They represent US!!! It’s time they started remembering that we vote for them….and we can vote them out too.
Reagan so eloquently put it, “Government IS the problem!”

The turnout for these tea parties has been tremendous….but we cannot stop here. We have to keep going. Don’t let the members of Congress think “this will just blow over.”
Visit to see what you can do….one person CAN make a difference….and another one person…and another one person………

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