Walk The Plank, Mate!

What is the deal with these Somali pirates? First of all they were idiots for attacking a ship flying an American flag. Then they lost control of the ship they tried to take. Then they are on a life boat that ran out of fuel. Now they are surrounded by other American ships…and yet they are demanding 2 million dollars for the release of the captain? Give me a break.
I say that we need to send in the Navy Seals. Have them go in there and get the captain and “take care of business” with those scum bag pirates (aka terrorists). I can’t believe it has taken this long to get the captain back!
The U.S. cannot allow the pirates to win this stand off. No money… Or else we’ll have pirates taking people left and right. The pirates aren’t going anywhere and they certainly better not hurt the captain or they will find themselves DEAD. If they kill him….they are forfeiting their own lives. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Back in the day when pirates were captured, they were hung. Swift action. Hey, being a pirate is a hard life….death might be a consequence. So be it.
I mean what would that say about our Navy if they are being held back by a handful of men in what amounts to a glorified row boat? The government needs to get on the ball.