My Body Didn’t Get The Memo

I guess my body sometimes decides to go on strike, not caring what I have to say about it!
I spent the wee hours of this morning flopping around like a hooked fish. I could not get comfortable no matter how I turned in the bed. Then from all the flopping I got tangled up in my sheet and blanket and resembled a modern day mummy…(only much better looking and with prettier sheets.). I finally got situated when my alarm clock woke me up and nearly sent me through the roof. I slapped the snooze button and laid there awhile longer closing my eyes and willing myself back to sleep. It did not work. The clock went off again. After stumbling out of bed and making my way to the bathroom, I took a good look at myself (as well as I could with my eyes only half open) in my “early morning” state. I have got some seriously wild hair. Seriously. Wild. It is desperately in need of a brush. I secretly remember to hate, okay strongly dislike, all the models out there who wake up looking gorgeous. So not fair.
I need to get ready for church this morning. It’s Palm Sunday….only a week until Easter. I guess I need to find something appropriate for church. My polka dot PJ’s probably won’t do.
Okay. I’m moving…..