Prayer Journals

This morning, during my daily devotion, I was looking through my prayer journals from previous years. I came across many entries that reminded me once again that God IS indeed in control. I can look back now and see the tapestry that God has and is creating in my life. Don’t we all have times in our lives (if we are willing to admit it) where we wonder where God is? Truly our human minds cannot possibly understand an infinite God. We try though. If you are anything like me you have at some point demanded to know what was going on? What is the game plan? God, why can’t you give me a glimpse of what my future holds? And yet, He sometimes chooses to be silent. It is at those times when He calls me to just trust Him. Even when my understanding is so shallow. Even when my circumstances are frustrating or overwhelming. He has not called me to an easy life as His follower….but He has called me to a life of hope and joy as I abide in Him.
I want to share an entry that I wrote on Friday April 29, 2005.
“As the heavens are higher than the Earth, so are…my thoughts than your thoughts.” Is.55:9
Lord, your ways are not my ways–You see the big picture–you know what I don’t. What I can’t possibly know. You see the future…whereas I can only live in this moment. It’s just my job to trust You. Completely. Help me Lord to do Your will for my life….and to do it well. Amen