Glaze On!

Just a short note to let my readers know that I am alive. I’m in Ohio right now at the house site. Scott and I are in the middle of glazing the wood deck around our whirlpool tub. It really turned out beautifully. I can’t wait until this house gets finished so we can actually get in the tub and use it….instead of just standing in the bathroom and staring at it:)
This week we are washing and sealing our floors. Now, doesn’t that sound soooo very exciting? We have colored concrete floors in this new house. (no wood flooring…no carpeting…) The floors will be very unique and pretty….but a real booger to get clean from all this construction dust. (that is an entirely different subject…about how sick I am of construction dust. It coats everything! I keep thinking of all the cleaning this will require of me! Ugh.)
So, anyway. I will amuse you with my witty banter when I get back to Tennessee. Right now, it’s difficult to blog when I’m in the middle of house construction. Besides my laptop is covered in dust…..