There Is Nothing On TV

Tuesday nights are a dud for me. I don’t really watch many shows on the actual TV, but I’m bored and flipping channels. I can’t settle on anything. News. Boring…or sad. Home shopping. Not anything I’m even remotely interested in. I’m watching a little CMT for now….but country songs tend to make me sad, so that is no good. HGTV is something I’ve already seen.
Another beef I have while I’m at it, commercials….I have never in all my life seen a woman dancing around with a Swiffer while she does her housework. Dusting is never that much fun. Or what is the deal with the chick in her pajamas talking about going to college? She annoys me. So pick a college already! And no I don’t want to hear about Cialis, Viva Viagra, or any of those other “remedies”. Good grief people! Does the general population need to see men sitting around singing about it? Dare I say, NO! And lastly, the Taco Bell commercials are making me hungry.
Maybe I just need to go to bed. Lay in the dark and stare at the ceiling. But I’m not sleepy yet….so I probably won’t be able to actually go to sleep. UGH. It is just one of those nights.