Sweet Voices Of The Past

While packing things up in my bedroom I came across a little treasure that I had stored in one of my “memory” boxes. My niece, Hannah, when she was very young gave me a birthday gift with her singing to me. (an ornament that one can record a message on) Her sweet,voice was singing Happy Birthday to Aunt Dawn. A voice that echoed back from the past. Hannah will be nine years old this summer, her voice no longer sounds like the 2 year old that sang to me all those many years ago. I must have listened to her two or three times, her childlike Happy Birthday ringing in my ears. Precious memories.
I also found an old answering machine that I haven’t used in years. On the small tape I heard the voice of my young son. He was about four or five when he left me a message. “Hi, mom. It’s me! I just wanted to say hi. I love you! Bye.” My son will be 14 in just two short months. His voice is deeper now and he is no longer a little boy…..but I cannot bear to part with his sweet young voice. It still touches my heart.
Some people would call me sentimental…..and I guess they would be correct. I am. I have boxes full of memories. Things I can’t let go. Reminders to me of all the things that are truly important.