Kickin’ It Old School–80’s Style

Last night on Joost (on the internet) I watched Square Pegs. Square Pegs was a show that was about 2 young teen girls and their crazy journey as they attempted to become part of the popular group at their high school. The show was on the air in the very early 80’s.(Sarah Jessica Parker was one of the stars of the show….a good couple of decades before her Sex In The City fame.) I used to watch this show when I was in middle school. I really felt old because these shows are under the “retro” column on Joost now. Ugh!
As I was going to sleep, I started thinking about all the shows I used to watch during that decade and all the things that were on the scene in the 80’s. That great decade brought us leg warmers, and off the shoulder sweatshirts ala FAME!, big hair, and “the preppy look” with Izod. I remember Docksider shoes–with the laces curled of course, break dancing was in and Star Search is what everyone watched (yes, American Idol wouldn’t be known for years in the future!). We had banana clips for our hair, and MTV was brand new–when it used to be all videos. We listened to music on cassettes, had several Swatch watches, tried to speak Valley Girl–like totally gnarly dude, and thought that Molly Ringwald was the best actress ever in Pretty In Pink. Who could figure out the Rubiks cube, and do The Lemon Twist? Did you want a pair of Ray Bans when you went to the beach? Did you wear brightly colored Jams? Did you think the Dolorean in Back To The Future would be a cool car to own? And who can forget “Bueller? Bueller?
For a trip down memory lane…..and some of you reading this might have taken this trip with me……Let’s see what did we watch on TV in the late 70’s and 80’s? Here goes–I’ll see how many I can remember. CHIPS (who didn’t love Ponch and John on their motorcycles on the LA freeways), EMERGENCY!, Square Pegs, Facts of Life (fun times at the private girls school with Miss Garrett), Different Strokes (“what cha talkin’ ’bout Willis?), Family Ties (Michael J.Fox as Alex P.Keaton) , Little House On The Prairie (with Pa and Ma and Mary, Half Pint,Carrie and Grace), Charlies Angels (and all the collectors cards that went with that show–not to mention we all wanted Farrah’s feathered hair), The Waltons (and their large loving family living on Walton Mountain…gotta love John Boy), Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley,Hunter, Hart to Hart, Remington Steele, Rockford Files (all great police/detective shows) Hawaii Five-O (cool theme music)……and one of my all time favorites, The Cosby Show.
Bill Cosby is a big favorite of mine…and the 80’s was the time of brightly colored sweaters. One could always count on Mr. Huxtable to wear the coolest sweaters while he dished out sage advice to his children.
To be honest I love the fact that I can go online and watch some of my {old} favorite shows. Even if they are considered Retro! More then just the shows….it is the memories that flood back when I watch them.
I am most definitely a child of the 80’s. I was in the Spring of my 6th grade year when the 80’s arrived and was a senior in college in the Fall of 1989.
The 80’s are like an old friend….the kind of friend that says something and you knowingly say, “Yeah, I remember that!”. The sort of friend that makes you laugh when you look back at your big, permed hairstyles and neon colored earrings. The kind that gently reminds you that you are not as young as you used to be, but it doesn’t really matter because your time together was quite a ride and unless you lived through it, you just can’t understand. We are in our 30’s and 40’s now. We might look like adults, but in our hearts we’ll always be kids of the 80’s!!!
If you too are a child of the 80’s why don’t you leave me a comment about something you remember?