Moving Lessons

I’m learning some interesting lessons as I pack the house for our big moving day. One of these life lessons came to me as I got stuck under the bed today. Yes, I’ve got stuff under the bed…and yes, I can’t really remember what all IS under there so I had to “go under”. Now wouldn’t you know I couldn’t reach the junk on the other side (because the bed is up against the wall). As much as I stretched I couldn’t reach some of the boxes…..I thought if I just moved a little bit more….and didn’t die from asphyxia from the dust. Then it happened! I got myself wedged. Thank goodness I remained calm ( I tend to be claustrophobic) as I laid there on my belly with my legs sticking out from under the bed. Seriously, my first thought was, “I have got to wiggle out from here, I refuse to be found like this….like the witch in The Wizard Of Oz when the house lands on her. That would be so embarrassing.”
My newly learned lessons are:
1. Don’t keep a bunch of junk under the bed.
2. Ones arm cannot mysteriously grow longer…even when stretching and straining to reach something.
3. Monsters really DO live under the bed. They are in the form of huge, sinister dust bunnies that attack when one is pinned under the bed.
4. Moving is way over rated….once I’m in this new house, I’m in for good. It would take a case of dynamite to blow me out of there.
5. And lastly, I really am blessed. I have so much nice stuff. I should never complain again.