Pizza In A Time Capsule

As most of you know I am packing up our house to move. Today I had the kids help me scoot the refrigerator out of it’s little alcove. Well, besides dust bunnies the size of cats I noticed a slip of paper. After digging through the dust (No, I don’t really clean behind my refrigerator very often. Don’t judge me!) we pulled out a yellowed piece of paper. It was a sheet of coupons for Pizza Hut. I looked at the expiration date and it was August of 1997!!! After I got myself under control from the hysterical fit of snorting laughter….I told the kids, “we’ve hit a pizza time capsule”. Being the ever involved home schooling parent I had the kids do a price comparison of Pizza Hut prices that we got in an advertisement flyer yesterday vs. the almost 12 year old coupons we found.
For those of you that are curious here are the results: Pizza Hut circa 1997 for a large one topping $8.99. Same pizza now is $10.50. A medium pizza any way you want it was $7.99 now that pizza is $10.50. So there has obviously been a price increase over a nearly 12 year period, but overall it wasn’t as much as I expected. I was surprised.
If I find any other things wedged under large appliances, or shoved in the back of drawers, or stuffed on closet shelves, I’ll let you know. I’ve lived in this house since ’94. There is no telling the plethora of time capsule objects I might inadvertently find. The possibilities are overwhelming.