This morning I have been working on some calligraphy (Calligraphy is derived from the Greek words “kallos” or beauty and “graphe”, which obviously means writing.) . I’ve been practicing my writing. I have had this hobby on and off for years but just recently have become more involved with it. Calligraphy is beautiful. There is just something about forming the letters with the swirls and curly cues that make it almost an art form. This particular hobby is a lesson in patience. Seriously. For it to be right, one has to work at it.
One video I watched had a lady showing various calligraphy styles. She briefly discussed how monks would work in scriptoriums, patiently and painstakingly writing scripts. It got me to thinking that hundreds of years ago the common man didn’t know how to write. Only the elite were able to write. Before the printing press everything had to either be communicated orally or be handwritten….and many people didn’t know how to read so the text needed to be read to them. In this day and time with all the communication media that we have, it is hard for me to even imagine what it must have been like.
I love to read. Words. I love to blog and write. Words. I have calligraphy as a hobby. Words. Are you seeing the theme? You think I might have a love of words? Hmmmm……