Today, I’m…..

FOR TODAY–January 6,2009
Outside my window….. there is snow on the ground and it is cold!
I am thinking… that I hope the kids are quiet tonight…I have a headache.
I am thankful for… my husband, he is a good man.
From the learning rooms…it is touch and go.
From the kitchen…unfortunately not a lot…it was microwave meals today.
I am wearing… thick socks, long johns, pants, a t-shirt, a hooded sweater, a flannel shirt and a scarf around my neck…and yes, I’m STILL cold!
I am creating…memories.
I am going…to sit right here and surf the internet while I watch House on cable.
I am reading…nothing right now, unless you count the booklet we got from our new Satellite provider. (checking out new channels you know)
I am hoping…that we get into our new house in the next 2 months. I’m tired of living “in limbo”. It is very draining.
I am hearing….the heater in the apartment running and the TV.
Around the house…(which right now is the apt. in Ohio) is a mess. 5 people in a 2 room apt. is chaos.
One of my favorite things… currently that would be sleeping….which I don’t get enough of.
A few plans for the rest of the week: traveling back to TN. tomorrow, my son’s orthodontist appt., going to Walmart, watching the new 24 season on FOX.

From the Simple Woman’s Daybook—–


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