What Was That Sound?

I know it can’t be good when I go to stretch in the morning and my leg creaks so much that it resembles the sound of someone breaking a dry twig. Was that me making that sound??? For crying out loud! Then I roll over in bed and my back seizes up….I just lay there thinking, “so this is what happens the year I turn 40. This is so not fair.” It did not use to be this way. My body is not supposed to give up so quickly. I guess I need to give myself a pep talk. What happened? I finally manage to roll off the bed and hobble over to grab my robe. It will take me a good 5-10 minutes to really get moving. In the meantime I make my way to the kitchen (after my obligatory stop in the bathroom) to start the coffee and fix a little breakfast. I start to feel a little better. Outside it looks very cold and gray. The wind is blowing. At least I’m not out there…I’m nice and warm inside.

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