Just My Luck

Well, the kids and I are to leave today, to drive to Ohio, after my son’s orthodontist appointment. Now that wouldn’t be so bad except for the fact that it is raining….and not just a drizzle. It is a full out Noah’s Ark kind of a day. I keep looking out the window to see if the animals are walking off in pairs. Good grief. The kids and I are to load the car with our suitcases, toiletry bags, camera, computer bags, a game, the kids school books, our coats/hats/scarves, etc. etc. We are not what one would call “light” travelers. We are more like the “cram everything in the trunk but the kitchen sink” travelers.
Maybe God will do us a favor? Stop the rain for a brief window of time while we pack the car…..so we don’t look like a family of drowned rats as we travel.
Okay. Enough of my complaining. If the fish can live like this, then I suppose I can too. Wish me luck. I’m getting ready to swim out to the car.