I just heard that a woman in Wilmington, N.C doesn’t want Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer sang at her child’s Christmas program at school. She is claiming it is a religion based song and should not be sang in a public school. That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! That song has nothing to do with the actual TRUE meaning of Christmas which is the birth of Jesus Christ. That is most definitely a secular Christmas song. Turns out this woman is Jewish and is probably miffed because she wanted a Jewish song sung at the program and it wasn’t. The thing is Christmas is not a Jewish holiday.
I’m telling you what, our society has become terrible about suing if we don’t get our way. “If I can’t do it, then I’m going to make sure no one else can either” seems to be the motto. Sad, isn’t it? I remember Christmas programs when I was in elementary school. We sang all sorts of Christmas songs. Gasp! We even sang religious Christmas songs like, Silent Night and God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman…and yes, I do remember singing a song about spinning a dreidel for those friends who were Jewish. I don’t remember anyone getting in a tizz over that. I guess the people in the 70’s (when I was in grade school) were a lot more sane then people are today.
Christmas has been more and more secularized as the years go on… Which is terribly sad to me. Christmas IS a religious holiday. Christmas IS the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is NOT a sin to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to someone instead of happy holidays. I am tired of all this “politically correct” mumbo jumbo.
Here is a short article by Michael Reagan about this same topic. Take time to read through it……and I wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


“Christmas is once again upon us, and we can expect to witness countless new displays of the rampant secularization of what is meant to be a joyous celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Frankly I’m fed up with seeing federal, state and local governments, local and nationwide chain stores, and even the White House — which last year couldn’t call their Christmas Party a Christmas party — all of them giving in to the intimidation of a handful of secular progressives who loathe Christianity and any celebration associated with it. Despite the fact that close to 90 percent of all Americans are Christians — and that along with Easter, Christmas is one of the two most sacred days in the Christian calendar — we have allowed a tiny minority among us to turn Christ’s birthday celebration into a secular holiday devoid of any religious significance whatsoever. Merely to greet another by saying ‘Merry Christmas’ is now deemed politically incorrect and potentially offensive to non-Christians, and is thus taboo. Pity the poor store employee who dares to greet customers with this traditional salutation instead of uttering the meaningless ‘Happy Holiday.’ Municipalities large and small tremble in fear of being charged with violating the hallowed creed of separation of church and state if they allow the erection of a crèche or Christmas tree on city property, or dare to call the tree anything other than a ‘holiday’ tree. Obviously, any mention of the holiday’s correct title — Christmas — is absolutely verboten. It has long been clear that the sole official purpose of the so-called holiday season is to boost the economy with an orgy of buying Christmas presents from establishments which insult us by strenuously avoiding calling them Christmas gifts. … Have a Merry Christmas. And don’t be afraid to say that loud and clear to everyone.”

–radio talk show host Michael Reagan