Why doesn’t he just show his birth certificate?

I’m sure most of you haven’t heard the question about Barak Obama’s birth certificate.  This is probably because the news media has a blackout on this.  This is a legitimate concern that a lot of people want a legitimate answer to, but Mr. Obama refuses to allow anyone to see his long form birth certificate. He has it  sealed along with any school records, name change paperwork… anything that would give a clue as to whether he truly is a natural born citizen…or not. Do you know that there have been SEVERAL cases in United States courts trying to get to the bottom of this?  Do you know that it  has gone to the Supreme Court of this great country?

This is not an unimportant question.  The answer to this question makes all the difference. For him. For us. For this country. Our founding fathers didn’t make being a natural born citizen a necessary criteria to be a congressman, a governor, or many other political offices.  The president MUST be a natural born citizen. Period.  End of discussion.

Now if this were you or me, wouldn’t we want to show our official birth certificate (not a copy) to PROVE that we were indeed natural born citizens? Well, wouldn’t we? Of course we would! So why is he so secretive?

Look at these sites. This is real.



Bizzaro Dreams

Lately, I’ve been having some really strange dreams. Now, I’ve always had dreams and most of the time they are fairly vivid and most of the time I remember them.  The past several nights though it’s been Alice In Wonderland kind of stuff. I think my mind has so much stuff in it right now that it is over loaded. With the holidays and all the shopping, the packing for the big move to Ohio, talking to Scott about the house we are building and all those details, plus the kids schooling, and just the everyday details of life and, well, my mind starts with the crazy dreams. You know something? Wouldn’t it be funny if there was a way to record all our dreams? I don’t mean a journal, I mean like DVD  movie record. Some of mine would be funny…like watching my childhood dog sing Happy Birthday to me….while sitting  on the top of my cake. (And NO…I was not under the influence of anything!)  Or they could be scary like the dream where I was standing in a field, but I couldn’t run–and a tornado was coming right for me! Or just recently I was driving an old pickup truck with my husband as the passenger when my teeth just started to fall out. That was really creepy. I read that, that particular dream has something to do with how I feel about my appearance. That is true. I don’t do my training/workouts like I used to and it shows. Ugh. That’s going to change because  I don’t want any more teeth falling out dreams. I woke up crying from that one.  It really freaked me out.  I do have “a thing” about my teeth. I’m really attached to them…and I plan for it to stay that way!

I do find it interesting how our subconscious mind figures things out while we sleep. How our dreams are usually connected to something that has to do with our waking moments. It’s amazing how we are able to connect things of significance that are “filed away” in our brain. How our brains pulls it all together is beyond me.