Black Friday Should Be Called “Crazies On The Loose”

Just the other day I blogged about the crazy holiday shoppers on the loose at Walmart. Well, I had no idea at the time just now certifiably insane people actually are! I saw on the news this morning that some poor Walmart worker got trampled by a frenzy of biserko shoppers. Now come on! Is there any sale that is so important that someone has to lose their life for it? How shocking, scary, awful!  Then as the day wore on I saw where two men had it out at the Toys R Us. Now those same two men are dead. Dead over toys????!!! Come on people no toy, gadget, gizmo is worth that. Wouldn’t you hate standing at the pearly gates only to have the Lord say, ” My son I love you, but bless your heart, you are an idiot. That thing-a-ma-jig was a stupid thing to lose your life over.”

My husband and I did go out to Home Depot today. We stayed away from the craziness at the death trap mall. You better believe we stayed far away from Walmart! If anyone tried to run me over I’d have to go Chuck Norris on them. It would not make me a contender for the Happy Walmart Shopper of the year a happy holiday shopper. Scott and I spent our time at Home Depot or what we like to call our home away from home, looking at paneled bifold doors and toilets. Who knew how exciting that could be? I think having a house in the process of being built has altered what I consider a good time. haha.