A Funny Story To Cut The Tension

On Election Day eve the air is tense with the possibilities….the arguements have been heated, there is spin on everything and the bloggers are typing furiously……on that note I decided I needed to blog about something funny. I was in the shower tonight, washing my hair when I had an idea. ( I do some of my most profound thinking in the shower. Yes, it’s true. I think maybe because it is the only quiet place in the house. If anybody knocks on the door while I’m in the shower I just say, “la la la…I can’t hear you! Sorry!” It usually works.)

So for your evening entertainment I have a true story to tell you. This really happened. I was there. I know.

As many of you know I taught as a special education teacher for many, many years. A few years ago I had a 2nd grade student in my class. He was a dead ringer for Dennis the Menace. One morning he came into the classroom and was visibly concerned about something. I asked him what was up? This is how our conversation went down.

B: I think Dad broke his tivvy.

Me: (With an extremely concerned look on my face, because I had no idea what a tivvy was…and wasn’t sure I wanted to know how his dad broke it.) Um……that is terrible. How did he almost break it?

B:He was horsing around and just about busted it.

Me: Well, that’s just awful! (furiously thinking, how can I figure out what he’s talking about without appearing stupid to a 2nd grader?)

B: Yeah, I know. Mom was mad.

Me: Oh, my goodness. Does mom have a tivvy too? (trying to use my best teacher deduction skills)

B: No, she uses Dad’s.

Me: What does a tivvy do?

B: You know.

Me: Maybe I don’t have a tivvy. I need you to tell me.

B: (Rolling his eyes) You got a tivvy.

Me: What would I use a tivvy for?

B: Huh?! Everyone knows you watch cartoons on a tivvy!!

Me: Oh! A  T.V. !!!!! You’re talking about a television?

B: That is what I said, ” A tivvy.”

Me: (Touche’. Score a point for that southern dialect. haha)