Go Joe! Go Tito!

I like Joe the plumber. I think he is a real “everyday” guy.  Along with Joe we now have a new “everyday” guy in town. Tito the builder. He is a hispanic man and he has bravely stood up and spoke his mind. From what I understand he started out as a janitor and now owns his own construction business. He has made some good points…Obama’s socialist agenda would entail “throwing the crumbs to the poor guys down there. I’ll give you this little bit and you’ll be happy with it. ” He DOESN’T want the government’s crumbs. He wants the American dream. He sees the big picture. I like him. He is gutsy. I hope all the Joes and Titos out there in America make it to the polls on Tuesday. Let their voices be heard!!

There once were two guys named Tito and Joe

Who innocently wanted to know

” Why do you want to spread wealth around?”

“Sir, We fear your policy is not sound.”

Poor guys thought they were just having some political banter,

Little did they know the media would descend in anger.

Yet, they stood tall and what they say is so true…

They stand for the “everyday” guy….they stand for you.

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