Go Megyn!

Megyn from FOX news sure doesn’t take any guff off anyone. An Obama spokesman, Bill Burton, was on this afternoon attempting to defend his candidate–defending Obama from Obama’s own words. A taped interview with Obama (from a local radio station–NPR Chicago) in 2001 was recently released. This radio interview was of Obama himself stating his socialist tendencies. He talked about redistribution of wealth….and this interview was years before his “slip” with Joe the plumber. I think this goes to show that this is nothing new with Obama. This is something he has agreed with for YEARS. Bill Burton was trashing FOX news for airing this interview from 2001, but the truth is it was from a CHICAGO radio station. Obama’s town, right???
This whole thing about wealth distribution is really getting on my nerves. Why should the top 25% of the tax PAYERS, give their money to the 40% that DON’T even pay ANY taxes? What is with that? For those that receive the money…..That just screams welfare. It screams government handouts. It screams an entitlement mentality. Seems to me that Obama wants to cap the American dream. Why would people want to work hard only to be forced to hand out their money to those who aren’t paying in anyway? Can anyone say resentment??????