Visiting In Texas

Scott and I and the kids are visiting family in Texas this week. (Part of the reason I haven’t been blogging the past few days.) Now when you think of Texas what do you think of? Dallas, Austin, Houston? Texas Longhorns? The Alamo? Don’t mess with Texas? Yeah, me too. Texas is all that and then some. Texas is hot. Texas is flat. But Texans love their state that is for sure. Brittany said (and I agree) that Texas is the only state people wear clothing that has the state name all over it. This is not including state university/college clothing. I’m talking shirts that say things like: Texas Girl, Texas Cowboy, Texas is #1, Don’t Mess with Texas, Everything’s Bigger in Texas etc. etc. Yes, these people LOVE their state.
On a drive this morning Scott and I were taking pictures. We came across a country store on the side of the road. We had to take a picture of it. The big sign out front stated, JUICY HAMBURGERS one one side, and LIVE BAIT on the other. Now, if that doesn’t sound yummy then I don’t know what is. Maybe that is the secret! Maybe that is why everything is bigger in Texas. People just don’t eat their veggies—they also eat lots of protein. Hamburgers and live bait…….now you know the rest of the story!

One thought on “Visiting In Texas

  1. Haaaaaaaaa! This really cracked me up for some reason. I’m from Texas and have never really understood why we Texans love it so much. Where was the live bait/diner? Sounds familiar.

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