Who Knew?

Did you get to see the banquet last night in New York City that both presidential candidates attended? Who knew John McCain was so funny and had such good comedic timing? He was hysterical. I was laughing out loud. He was able to poke fun at himself and even at others and yet make everyone laugh. It was nice to see this side of him.
Obama had some good lines too, but he didn’t seem nearly as comfortable with his funny speech as McCain did with his.
I have to say though, that both of them seemed to be having a good time and it was nice to see some smiles on faces for a change. It was good for everyone to just sit back and have a good laugh.

Woolly Bears

It’s that time of year again when the woolly bears are out. Woolly bears (or woolly caterpillars) are really what will become the Isabella Tiger Moth. These caterpillars are black, rust, or a mixture of both. They are famous for being able to predict the winter weather. If the woolly bear is all black, winter will be harsh. If he is all rust or his rust colored stripe is large then winter will be mild. I looked on line under the Old Farmers Almanac to see what people across the country were saying about weather predictions. Many people are finding ALL BLACK woolly bears. Uh oh. We are in for a hard winter. Several states and Ohio is one of them, found woolly white caterpillars!! One lady said that an old wives tales says that all white means lots of winter snow storms. This goes right along with what I’ve read about the upcoming weather for this winter. Supposedly we are beginning a weather pattern we haven’t seen in nearly a decade. After many mild winters for most of the country, we are now to see a “weather backlash” and this winter for most of the U.S. will be extremely cold and snowy.
I guess only time will tell…..we will find out shortly whether or not these predictions will come true. In the meantime keep your eyes open for those fat colored caterpillars, they just might know a secret.