Wealth Redistribution

Well, now the latest story is about Obama’s tax plan…in his own words he said he wants to “spread the wealth around”. What’s with that? Doesn’t that smack of socialism or Marxism? Also he wants to give a yearly tax credit (money back) to those who aren’t even paying any taxes into the system!! How is that fair? Those of us who took it upon ourselves to become educated, have or had good jobs and make a decent living need to redistribute the wealth? What is the incentive to do well if it’s going to be taxed right out of you? While others NOT paying taxes are getting money sent to them???? I deeply resent that. Now, before anyone jumps on me about giving to the poor…..not being my brother’s keeper…..I have ALWAYS donated my time and money to various charities, ever since I understood the point of it. I gave because I WANTED too, not because I was FORCED too by the government. What is the incentive to try and better yourself if you know that you are going to be taxed to death for actually working and making something of yourself? And why is it my responsibility to pay for those who choose to not work, or who didn’t excel in school or for that matter didn’t even try to do well? Yes, there are people like that out there. Where does personal responsibility for your own self come into this? The American people for the most part are a giving group of people–when people are down and out we want to help, but we want it to be OUR choice.

Go to the Heritage Foundation at /www.heritage.org/ and look up the article on Obama’s plan. Read it for yourself. Be enlightened.

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