Flattery Will Get You Everywhere:)

This is just a short blog for today…I promise to blog longer tomorrow. I promised the kiddos that after soccer practice tonight I’d drop by Taco Bell and pick up some tacos for a snack. Well, when I went through the drive-thru, I ordered 10 soft tacos (5 apiece for the boys) and 4 crunchy for Breanna. The young man whistles into the speaker and says, “that’s a lot of tacos”. I reply back, “that I have three hungry teens to feed.” Well, as I pull up to the window to pay, the young man sticks his head out the window to get a good look at me and smiles and says, “How old are your kids? There is no way you are old enough to have teenagers!” Now, this guy looked like a young Will Smith. Nice looking young man. He obviously was very personable and outgoing. I told him, “thank you and you just made my evening.”
Personally, I think he might have a vision problem, but I don’t care. He was sweet and made this forty year old mama smile…..and I will be back to that Taco Bell, just because of him!!!