Gunfire at The Center Mall

Good grief! What is the matter with Knoxville? This morning I read the paper and saw that there was a fatal shooting at the Knoxville Center Mall (formerly East Town). A man goes in and shoots dead an employee at a mens clothing store. Wednesday afternoon at the mall turned into a shoot out at the OK Corral. Now, I personally used to go to this mall in the late 80’s and early to mid 90’s, but there is no way I’d go there now. It’s really gone downhill over the past 10 years. Sad, but true.
Over the past couple of years Knoxville has had some really scary crime. Let’s do a SHORT run down.
***The Christiansen/Newsome murders by the 4-5 sadistic thugs.
***The love triangle with the husband who killed his wife’s 18 yr. old lover.
***The shooting/killing a few months ago at the Unitarian Church.
***The shooting/killing at Central High School at the beginning of school this year.
***The murder of the young woman by the illegal immigrant at the Days Inn.
***This fatal shooting at the Center Mall. (according to the paper, this happened 2 other times this year)
Knoxville is a nice city—or at least it used to be. I’m really glad to be moving. I definitely don’t feel as safe as I used to. (This is not to mention the car break ins that I’ve had to deal with personally.) I know there are no places that are completely safe in today’s world, but there are some that are safer then others.