A Friend To Israel

For years I’ve known about and read online about the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem (ICEJ). Christians from all over the world that are committed to the Jewish people. Here is an excerpt from their homepage. (www.ICEJ.org)

…..Diplomacy of Love
The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem was founded in 1980 by Christians from around the world as an act of solidarity with the Jewish people’s 3,000-year-old claim and connection to Jerusalem. Today the Christian Embassy represents millions of believers from over 125 countries who share a love and concern for Israel and the Jewish people. Thus the ICEJ is considered the world’s largest Christian Zionist organization, with active representation in nearly 80 nations. Some 50 full-time staff serve in our Jerusalem headquarters coming from over a dozen countries and speaking many different languages. We invite you to consider us as your Embassy in Jerusalem.

Work and Witness
The Embassy’s work and witness is founded on the mandate of Isaiah 40:1, “Comfort, comfort my people…” For more than 25 years the ICEJ has been reaching out in practical ways to the people of Israel, while seeking to inform, educate and inspire Christians round the world to stand against the rising tide of hostility and anti-Semitism directed against the Jewish State. Our Ministry spans four distinct areas, to Comfort Israel, Educate the Church, Celebrate God’s faithfulness, and Confront anti-Semitism…………

I’ve read the book by Don Finto entitled YOUR PEOPLE SHALL BE MY PEOPLE. It was very interesting. We, as Gentiles, have a responsibility to stand with the Jewish people in unity against those who would seek their destruction.

Recently during her Katie Couric interview, governor Sarah Palin mentioned that we in this country should stand with Israel as their ally against those in the middle east that relish the thought of seeing Israel wiped off the face of the map. Ahmadinejad himself stated that Israel is a “stinking corpse”. She as a fellow Christian understands the importance of the Jewish nation from a Biblical perspective. As a politician she also understands Israel’s need for an ally against terror groups that would have them dead.

(As stated in Wikipedia—-Ahmadinejad is a critic of the George W. Bush Administration and supports strengthened relations with Russia, Venezuela, Syria, and the Persian Gulf states.[7][8][9] He has said Iran’s nuclear program is for peaceful purposes and has refused to end enrichment despite United Nations Security Council resolutions.[10]

He has called for the dissolution of the state of Israel and its government, which he does not regard as legitimate or representative of the population,[11][12] and for free elections in the region. He believes that the Palestinians need a stronger voice in the region’s future.[13][14] One of his most controversial statements was one in which, according to the initial Islamic Republic News Agency translation, he called for Israel to be “wiped off the map,” though the interpretation of this quote is disputed.[15][16] He has also been condemned for describing the Holocaust as a myth,[15][17] which has led to accusations of anti-semitism.[18] In response to these criticisms, Ahmadinejad said “No, I am not anti-Jew, I respect them very much.”[19]) ——to me this man is pure evil.

Yet after all this, Senator Obama if elected president, would sit down with no preconditions and talk with this man????
It is no secret that many in the middle east would destroy Israel if given the chance. How scary that Obama has had dealings with more then one person who’s reputations are questionable concerning this…who have such radical ideas…. Why doesn’t he want anyone really finding out much about his father’s relationship with radicals in Kenya? His college days and groups he was involved in? Or his early days in Chicago and groups he was working with or people he knew? I think all these relationships speak loudly AND clearly to his true character. Is it possible that he is hiding his true feelings behind his slick political exterior? One has to wonder.