Illegal Immigrants

I am fuming mad! Let me tell you the story and then you will understand why I feel like I do.
A couple of weeks ago a 21 year old young woman from Alabama came to Knoxville with her restaurant coworkers. They were going to be setting up a new restaurant here in my town. Well, they were staying at a Days Inn. This young woman went into her hotel room…and was in for the night at 11:30pm when she called her mom on her cell phone. Sometime during the night a young 19 year old ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT from Mexico that was an employee of the Inn used a master key card to get into her room. The girl did not show up for a meeting with her coworkers the next morning and they grew concerned. A couple days later, her naked body was found by a man who was out fishing. The police found out that this young man from the Days Inn was married with a child. The wife turned over bloody clothes to the police. The man was taken into custody.
Now, Knoxville is no sanctuary city and the people here have no sympathy for this guy. They are angry (and who can blame them!). This was not some seedy motel. She was a girl who was well liked, had a job, was minding her own business. It is chilling to think that this guy must have been watching her and knew she was by herself in that room. The thing is HE SHOULD NOT EVEN BE IN THIS COUNTRY!!!! How dare he come here and kill our country’s own citizen! It is just unbelievable…..and what about the Days Inn hiring him? They said his papers looked “real”. WHATEVER!!! If I were her family I’d sue the Days Inn for everything they are worth. Why did he have access to a master key? Was a background check done on this guy? Where was everyone when this was going on?
I am not against people coming to this country LEGALLY. We have rules and regulations that must be followed and this is not happening when people SNEAK across the border and get fake documents.
It sickens me to know that this poor girl lost her life at the hands of a man that, if we were doing our job, shouldn’t even be here.

Being Fair

I watched the VP debate last night and Gwen Ifill did a fine job. I didn’t notice that she acted biased towards either candidate. I feel like she went out of her way to be fair to both on the stage. So, after my blog the other day, I just felt that I needed to follow up on this.
Also, I think Sarah Palin did a fine job last night and showed that she can hold her own in a debate.