Yeah, right.

I thought that the people picked to moderate for the debates were supposed to be objective. Well, evidently not for the vice presidential debate. Gwen Ifill will be moderating for tomorrow’s debate between Palin and Biden. She is so in the tank for Obama that it isn’t even funny. She wrote a book lavishing praise on Obama that is due out on Inauguration Day 2009. She’s written an article for Essence magazine about the Obama family, speaking of them as if they are the “new” Kennedys. It seems to me that she has a vested interest in Obama/Biden winning this election, so that her book does well. Do we really believe that she is going to be able to objectively moderate during this debate? I just don’t think it will be possible….I, like many others in this country, will be watching the debate tomorrow night. We’ll see if BOTH the candidates get a fair shake.

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