Moose Hunting and Dog Fighting

I had a very interesting experience at Walmart this afternoon. I was being checked out by a very friendly cashier. She happened to be an older black woman. I mention her race only because I feel it is pertinent to the story. As she is ringing up my groceries a middle age black man comes over and starts chatting with her…he was also an employee of Walmart. He was laughing and asked her if she had watched Chris Rock? No. She had not…to which he says something about Rock being on Larry King recently. He told this woman about how Chris Rock had said something to the effect of there are pictures of Sarah Palin hunting moose and everyone thinks that is so cool. She can hunt moose, but Michael Vick gets in trouble for fighting dogs? How’s that fair?! The man said he wants to see that show—and isn’t that the truth? And isn’t that funny? The cashier woman was laughing and agreeing with him.
I just stood there and decided to hold my tongue. Now am I missing something or what? I didn’t think that was funny at all. Last time I checked it was legal to get a hunting license and HUNT. To kill a moose and then EAT it, there is nothing wrong with that. BUT I don’t know anywhere where dog fighting is LEGAL. Where is the humor in putting dogs in a arena where they are forced to fight, become injured, sometimes to the death? And this is supposed to be for grown adults enjoyment??? Quite frankly, I don’t even see the comparison and don’t see any humor in comparing the two VERY DIFFERENT things. Anyone who can’t see the difference between hunting animals for food, and animal abuse for entertainment is ignorant. That is just all there is too it.
Do other people find this concerning? Now, I am no PETA person (in my opinion they are way over the line) but this whole conversation seemed so wrong to me. It was almost as if, because of the tone of the conversation, that they believed that it had something to do with a white woman hunting vs. a black man dog fighting. I don’t see it as a race thing at all……I see it as a right vs. wrong. Period.

One thought on “Moose Hunting and Dog Fighting

  1. First you say that, “I mention her race only because I feel it is pertinent to the story.” The later you say, “I don’t see it as a race thing at all.”

    Based on your recent posts, it seems you may be working through some misconceptions regarding African American people. Your second statement is correct. This has nothing to do with race at all. As an animal lover, in particular dogs, I find the behavior of those who force them to fight repulsive and feel that they should pay dearly for such horrid deeds.

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