Is This True?

I am a member of a home school blog site. It is comprised of all races, backgrounds, economic levels etc. Long story short, these two ladies had a disagreement over politics in one of the forums. Now we all know that any political debate has the opportunity to develop into a heated argument, but they were pretty self controlled for the most part. This is the thing…one lady is white and she was voting for McCain. The other lady is black and she is voting for Obama. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion….but this is what I found interesting. The white lady said something about moral character being important in a candidate. This of course got them going about Obama and the whole Pastor Wright thing. This is the part I find interesting. The black lady said, ” I agree with A LOT of what Pastor Wright said, and you just don’t understand because you are not African American.”
Hmmm………I wonder how many black people feel that way? That whites just “don’t get it”. I think that his crass words and obvious hatred are not okay….especially, by a man who calls himself a pastor. I guess that fellow home school mom was right. I just don’t get it.

One thought on “Is This True?

  1. I am a Christian who happens to be African American and I do not agree with the teachings of Jerimiah Wright. Note that I am first of all a Christian as this makes a big difference in one’s world view. Hmmm, maybe that’s why I “don’t get it” either!

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