A Blustery Day

Remember the Pooh story about a very blustery day? Well, the 100 Acre Wood must have been in Logan County, Ohio. Scott and I were out at the site for most of the day. The day was overcast and windy. Good grief was it windy!! That is one thing about the place we picked to call home…..we will have plenty of wind.
Tomorrow I leave with two out of the three kids to go back to Tennessee. The oldest child is staying with Scott. They will have some time together. They will probably drive each other nuts, but isn’t that part of the parent child relationship? haha. The younger two have soccer so they are going with me. I promise when I get back to Tennessee that I will post some good, long blogs. Like I said the other day it’s hard to blog in a sardine can…..This is not to mention that this trip we have had more living things in this apartment then just the five of us. We caught a mouse in the kitchen this morning. Yesterday I was in the kitchen and found “evidence” of a furry friend. Hmmm…..the chillier weather is bringing critters inside. This totally grossed me out. Out went the glue traps. My younger son greeted me this morning with we got him! Yuck. Sure, I like animals….just not in the kitchen….and not little gray ones that squeak. Then my oldest son killed a spider on the TV stand this evening. It’s body was the size of a dime, I’d say. You know how I feel about spiders. Not my favorite. Not even close. I told him to squish it. He wanted to trap it under plastic and “study” it. Uh, no. Kill it. Kill it now. I have to sleep tonight and I don’t want to think about that thing running loose around here. ( Oh, don’t even say it. Don’t tell me there are probably about 10 others running around the apt. that I don’t see. Just don’t even say it. )
I’ve got the creepy crawlies now.