Part Five–Where I’m At Now

This is the last of my five part series on my years working in special education.
After marrying Scott, I worked for another 1.5 years before resigning from my position at Norwood to come home and teach our own kids. With homeschooling I still get to teach, just teach my own kids. No, none of them have special needs….well, I shouldn’t say that. They all have special needs—just nothing as severe as what I was used to when teaching in the public school. They have normal teenager special needs. ha!
I still get a lot of questions from people about “special needs” issues. I still read a lot about the latest information on special needs, and hope to be an advocate whenever possible. I hope that I will still be able to help students and parents in an advocacy type of way. I have sat on the school side of the table, and after 17 years I pretty much know how the system works. Now, I’d like to be of some assistance to the parents.
I really don’t know how all this will work out, but I’m leaving my options open.
Maybe when we make our move to Ohio, I will be able to help home schooling parents who have children with special needs. Maybe there is a need for that. Maybe I can help. I don’t think I’m done yet. I still believe there is work to be done, goals to be met and children to advocate for….

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