Ear Piercing Scream

I’m currently sitting on my bed with my lap top, well, on my lap. I’ve had a LONG day. You know the kind….the kind that nothing goes according to plan. The kind that seem to go on forever…….I think a good scream would make me feel better. I better not do that though, because I might give my kids a heart attack. Either that or they might think I’ve finally gone off the deep end. Yes, I got up this morning to make my breakfast and ended up with some of it on me. Butter fingers. School was in the tank today. The kids and I felt like we were stuck in quicksand. Today I was sitting at the kitchen table I saw my sons mouth moving, knew he was saying something, but it just wasn’t computing. Repeat, please? No, I have not had a brain hemmorage or anything. Just me, what can I say? This evening I was having some coffee and managed to spill it all down the front of my nice blouse. Lovely. See what I mean?
I am going to go to bed, will pull the covers over my head and hope that tomorrow will be a better day.