Panic at the Pump

Good grief! I woke up this morning and did my reading of the local paper online, like I do every morning. The big story is that between Gustav and Ike the oil refineries on the Gulf coast are not able to function and supply the south east like they normally would. There are several gas stations in Knoxville that have run out of gas and won’t get another shipment (hopefully) until Sept.17. People are lining up at the pumps and they are in a panic. One woman said last night she was in a line of 20 cars, another had to wait 20 minutes just to get to the pump…. One guy said the price will sky rocket because of this. I haven’t been to the gas station so I don’t know, but I’m not going to panic. Won’t do any good to panic anyway. If I am unable to get gas I guess I’ll just be staying at home.