The Truth Is Sometimes Ugly…

I found this article interesting. Even though there are many issues that I disagree with the Dems on I have to say I can really hear what the female writer of this article is saying. I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton, but I do think she got a raw deal from her own party. There are evidently A LOT of females who were Hillary supporters that are disgusted with the treatment they are getting from the Democratic party. This article is from Real Democrats USA.


In a stunning announcement today that is a game changer for the 2008 Presidential election, Sen. John McCain chose Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential choice. Wow. Bold, risky and brilliant. Congratulations Gov. Palin. Well done, Sen. McCain. Gov. Palin acknowledged both Geraldine Ferraro, the 1984 Democratic nominee for Vice President and Hillary Clinton in her speech. Smart move and well deserved acknowledgement.

Geraldine Ferraro said today that in the 24 years since her historic run for the Vice Presidency, today was the first time she’s been publicly acknowledged. Wow. The DNC should take a lesson in respecting the female candidates of their OWN party for a change. The DNC and other elected officials stood silent while Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton were relentlessly and unfairly attacked by the Obama campaign and the media during the course of the 2008 primary debacle. Hillary Clinton deserved respect and equal opportunity in 2008 from the DNC. She received neither and they must be held accountable for this failure.

As a young woman in 1984, as an enthusiastic volunteer for Mondale/Ferraro, I proudly stood on the sidestage of a campaign event witnessing Geraldine Ferraro make history. I never could have imagined it would take another 24 years to see another woman given this opportunity again and that it would NOT be my Democratic party.

The Obama campaign missed the opportunity today to acknowledge the significance of a female on a national ticket, instead choosing to snipe at Gov. Palin’s small town background. That clip won’t play well in the very areas the DNC needs to win over. Obama and Biden chose to engage in sexist “hard ice cream” guffaws on their bus trip stop today. They really DON’t get it. They are NOT funny. Later in the day nearly 6 hours AFTER the McCain VP announcement, Obama and Biden called to congratulate Palin. Too little, too late as usual.

The DNC has missed the opportunity to finally break through the hard glass ceiling by failing to nominate the incredible Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton who should have been the first woman on a national ticket to achieve success. But, alas, sexism rules in 2008 within the Democratic party. Their failure to put action into the words they have mouthed for decades to women and men that they stood for women and equal opportunity will go down in history as the greatest missed opportunity imaginable.

Not only did the Democratic party fail to nominate the strongest, most qualified and & most electable candidate they had in Hillary Clinton, they failed to put her on the ticket at all. Nonsensical. Hillary received more than 18 million votes compared to 8 for Sen. Joe Biden and HE gets the VP spot? Hillary received more votes than ANY candidate of ANY party in history and does not get a spot on the ticket?

If this first major decision by the Democratic nominee Barack Obama is any indication of his character and judgment, the Democrats are in trouble. They have nominated the wrong candidate(s). Obama is neither qualified or electable. The very undemocratic DNC convention and process was a farce. No amount of media promotion and rock star stadium events can change the fact that Barack Obama is unqualified to be President of the United States.

Sen. McCain and the GOP deserve kudos for a masterful stroke today. Women have been told we don’t matter in the Democratic party this year (even though WE are the majority voting block of the party) and to sit down, shut up and get in line behind in Obama. Women have been the majority voting block of the Democratic party for decades under the illusion that the party stood for women. We were very wrong. Women decide all elections and this one will be no different. Women will likely respond to this likable woman from Alaska who’s got more executive experience than Obama and Biden combined.

It’s time to hold the DNC accountable for the 2008 campaign debacle. Missed opportunities, indeed.