Political Speeches

I stayed up last night to watch Sarah Palin’s speech. I was also able to catch Rudy Giuliani’s speech. I thought both of the speeches were great. I liked how Palin confronted the things that have been said about her with poise and confidence. I like that she is “real” and that the average person can relate to her. Of course because of that very thing, the media is going wild. Some put “a spin” on last night’s speech saying she was “too smug”. For crying out loud! I think she is strong and confident and that just eats them up. So what! As long as she continues to speak the truth and keeps her focus, I believe she will be just fine and will weather the liberal media storm.
While I’m at it, I want to share something that really had me angry. I was listening to the radio the other day and the talk show host quoted a female democrat as saying, “only uneducated women would be interested in Sarah Palin….that truly educated women understand that Obama is the real change they need.” Give me a break. I deeply resent that sentiment. How dare some liberally biased female tell me that I am uneducated because I don’t believe in abortion, I am a Christian and am not afraid to discuss God or church, that I am a mom, and am happily married. Conservative DOES NOT equal dumb. I better stop there…..
As a former special education teacher I can tell you that my heart was touched last night when Mrs. Palin mentioned all the parents of special needs children and how they (because of their children) have tirelessly attempted to bring change to the world. That they need to know that she understands and that she will be an advocate for them in Washington. I am sure that didn’t go over well with a lot of the left. Many of them believe that she should have never had her son once she found out that he was going to have Downs……what a contrast when she said last night that she had given birth in April to “a perfect little boy”.
It makes me want to run out right now and buy a SARAH BARRACUDA ’08 t-shirt.