County Fair

Last night we went to the Hardin county fair. It was a lot of fun. Scott, Breanna and I headed over to the animal barns to check out the “guests” there. The boys took off on their own to see the sights.
I have to say I was amazed at how huge the beef cows are. Goodness gracious, can I hear a MOO?! Of course as we are walking through the barn I’m getting a little nervous because the cows were facing us, rear end out. I told Breanna (who was walking in front of me) “If I see any tails going up, I might run you over to get out of the way!” Also I was shocked at how noisy the pigs are. One pig was irritated that he couldn’t get under the fenced- in closure and he was letting everyone know about it! I expected some more high pitched squealing but, instead got very low grunts. Oh, the sheep were being sheared. They seemed to like it. Can I just say in my personal opinion, that I think sheep look a little crazy. Seriously. Maybe it’s that their eyes are set so far apart. They just look wild and crazy to me. I hope the sheep don’t take offense at my opinion of them……
After checking out all the (stinky but fun) animals, I decided it was time for a soft icecream cone. The ice cream was delicious and COLD. This was great considering the temperature showed 93 degrees.
Scott and I people watched on the bench while Breanna rode the rides. I told her I couldn’t get on the spinning rides—not unless she wanted me to throw up. We decided against that so I benched it. haha. The boys checked in–and were off again. They played some games and Kendrick won something by throwing rings. All in all a good evening was had by all.