Sarah Palin

Awesome pick McCain!!! I was so excited yesterday waiting to hear who McCain’s pick would be…when I heard it was Sarah Palin I was thrilled. Here is a woman who is a republican, wife, and mom. She is gutsy and is not afraid to say what she thinks. She was “an average woman” when she decided to get into politics…and when she did she shook things up! From everything I’ve read she is one tough cookie. The Dems would have everyone believe that she is not experienced enough to be VP. Give me a break! First they complain that they want “change” in Washington D.C. and then when change shows up, we hear….”she’s not experienced enough”, “she’s another George Bush in female form”, “she needs to be at home”. People, she was a mayor and a governor! She’s had to make executive decisions which is more then Obama can even say! Oh, wait! I forgot he was a community organizer. What exactly does that mean? He was only a senator for 140 some days—-yet HE feels he’s ready to be president. I think the Dems need to not even put the experience thing on the table…besides if they want to compare they should compare McCain and Obama……the experience isn’t even a contest!!!
Speaking of a contest…..there is NO contest between Hillary and Sarah. Sure, they are both female, but other then that they have nothing in common. Sarah is the complete opposite of everything Hillary stands for and that is why I love her!!!! She is a person I can respect and be proud of.
I think the rest of the days leading up to the election are going to be exciting! This is going to be one of the most interesting races there has ever been.
McCain- Palin ’08 !!!!!!!


Llama, what?

We have a farm across the road from our property in Ohio. The farm has llamas. I being the silly ex-school teacher that I am was reminded of a book in my school’s library. It was a child’s book about llamas. So, I get the idea to make a game out of naming our friendly neighborhood llamas.

Here is what the family has come up with so far……
What do you call a mother llama? Mama llama
What do you call a llama who likes lounge wear? Pajama llama
What do you call a political llama? Obama llama
What do you call a terrorist llama? Osama llama
What do you call a llama that is into meditation? Dali Lama llama
What do you call a llama who uses excellent punctuation? Comma llama
What do you call a llama who has a desire to act? Drama llama
What do you call a llama who marries a bull? A Brahma llama
What do you call a llama that has been injured? Trauma llama
What do you call a llama that looks good in bowling shoes? Bowl-a-rama llama

I’m sure we will think of more llama names as we go along….. Maybe you can help us….But beware—It’s kind of addictive once you start.