Farmers Almanac

I just got the new Farmers Almanac tonight. I wanted to see what the weather would be like after we move into our new house. According to the FA the weather in Ohio is supposed to be frigid and snowy this winter. This was met with cheers after I made this prophetic announcement to the children. The truth is, they’ve seen snow before, but really not that much…..nothing to amount to anything really. They’ve lived in the south all of their young lives and let’s face it, if we get a 1/2 inch here everyone goes crazy. The grocery stores are swamped with people looking for bread and milk so they can hunker down for the big blizzard that is just sure to descend on the city. Now Scott grew up in upstate New York, went to college very near the Canada/U.S border. He knows what REAL snow looks like. I grew up in Maryland. I remember snow and drifting so high that as a child I was able to make tunnels in the snow. I remember my mom bundling me up to walk to the bus stop. Snow blowing…..and all one could see of me was my eyes. Of course those were the days of coat closets. On cold days all us kids would take the layers off when we got to school and we’d look like we lost a good 10 lbs after shedding the winter duds.
So, as for me…..I’d love some good snows. As long as I know it’s coming and have plenty of food, a good stash of hot chocolate, and some munchies I’m set to go! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow….

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