Let The Games Begin

No, I’m not talking about the Olympics. I’ve got more important fish to fry. I’m talking about the beginning of soccer season. The coach called me last night. Kendrick and Breanna are to report “to duty” on Saturday evening at 6 pm. That will be their first practice of the season. It doesn’t matter that it’s still hot enough to fry an egg on the the sidewalk. (not that I would ever really try that, but it’s fun to say it):) I will have to make sure they have plenty of water…seriously, it is still hot here in the South and I don’t want my kids dehydrated and passing out on me. I can’t wait for it to cool down…. On a positive note, at least they get to wear shorts, and their equipment (cleats and shin guards) is not heavy. On the subject of shin guards….I have already informed my kiddos that, if they want to take their shin guards off, they will do so before getting in the car. Let me explain. My son, Kendrick, has been playing soccer for 8 years. He used to take his sweaty socks and shin guards off on the way home. Now, that doesn’t sound so bad right? WRONG. It never failed…the stinky sock/sweat combo would get in front of the air conditioning vent and the next thing you know I am turning green and starting to swoon from the stench. I made the mistake of saying something to him about the fact that he wanted to knock me out from the stink and he found that totally hilarious—making sure to wave his sweaty socks around just to mock me. I think it is a boy thing. I don’t recall Breanna trying this. What is it with boys and their stinky sports equipment? Is it some badge of honor or something? His job is to get the uniform to the washing machine—either that or it will walk there itself!

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