I watched a news documentary this past weekend on Russia. The documentary said what I’ve been thinking for quite awhile. Putin is old school KGB and wants Russia to be a certain way….and will make sure it is HIS way. Sure, Putin is not the NAME in charge anymore, but everyone knows he is the one in control. If a person crosses him or says something (in the media) that is not what he wants to hear….then you might “mysteriously” end up dead. Various journalists and reporters have met an early demise. One female journalist lost her husband to a sudden and mysterious “accident”. She said that about 30 media people die a year….and it’s always the media that disagree with the current political trend. Interesting, wouldn’t you say?
Now this military thing with the country of Georgia….it is scary. Russia sounds to me like the bear that is waking up from it’s time of hibernation. A bear that is hungry.

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