If It’s Small and Furry I’ll Get It!

The other day I went downstairs to the laundry room and noticed that one of the throw rugs was sopping wet. You know it’s not a good thing when one’s feet make squishy noises. Oh great! I go about pulling any boxes, or other junk that we have stacked up downstairs out of the pool of water. I called Scott (even though he is hundreds of miles away in Ohio). He tried to console me as best he could. He ended up talking with Bradley to get his help. Bless Bradley’s 16 year old heart. He helped his mom to fix whatever was backing up the air conditioner and causing moisture to condense. (Give me a break I don’t understand how the AC works—just THAT it works!) So I used the shop vac to vacuum the downstairs and got towels to get up the rest of the water off the floor. Now, picture this…….
I’m down on my hands and knees trying to vacuum back in the corner…..I have the vac in one hand and am scooting the box with the other when all the sudden I spy a furry thing behind the box. It didn’t move. I was wary. It looked like a mouse, but it couldn’t be a mouse! I’ve NEVER had mice in my house for all the years I’ve lived here! (Well, except for the one time when a field mouse got in the garage…..but believe me I tracked that little thing down like a mafia hit man. It didn’t even have a chance. I caught him in a glue trap after only a couple of days….and he never made it into the house.) So anyway, back to the story…… I’m eyeball to fur ball with this thing, when it dawns on me that it is a mouse….BUT not a live one—-it’s a cat toy. I had just been ready to bonk it over the head with the shop vac when I came to the realization that it meant me no harm.